The T-72 tank withstood the blow from the American Javelin without even the slightest damage.

The American Javelins were not as effective as NATO expected.

The Ukrainian military attempted to destroy the T-72 heavy tank by hitting it with an American Javelin anti-tank missile system. Despite the practically guaranteed hit of a missile flying exactly between the tank hull and the turret and the seemingly guaranteed destruction of the combat vehicle, the Russian tank did not receive a single damage.

On the presented video frames, you can see the moment of the attack of the Ukrainian military on a heavy armored combat vehicle. In slow motion, you can see a rocket flying towards the tank, however, the latter, before reaching the armored vehicle, was suddenly destroyed - the dynamic protection system was triggered, which successfully hit the anti-tank missile, as a result of which the tank was not caused a single damage.

Experts draw attention to the fact that Russian dynamic protection systems have successfully proven themselves during a special military operation. This is also evidenced by the significant consumption of foreign-made anti-tank missile systems by the Armed Forces of Ukraine - the latter simply do not cause damage to equipment.