Ship Sharpy


Russian warship came under fire from Ukrainian and NATO ships

The Russian military patrol ship got into the zone of shelling of the ships of Ukraine and NATO.

The military exercises conducted by the Ukrainian side in the Black Sea were completely disrupted by the entry of the Russian military ship into the closed zone in which shooting and missile launches were carried out. We are talking about the patrol ship "Sharp-witted", which turned out to be right on the course of the missiles launched by the ships of NATO and Ukraine.

According to the Ukrainian side, attempts to contact the crew of the Russian patrol ship were unsuccessful - alleged communication problems were the cause, while experts noted that the shooting had to be stopped immediately, and therefore this stage of the exercise was thwarted.

According to the presented data, the occurrence of any incidents was avoided, while Ukraine reproaches Russia with the fact that the actions of the Smetlivy sentry ship were targeted, because information about the closed area in which artillery and rocket firing was conducted was announced for at least a week backwards

How objective are the arguments of the Ukrainian side, so far remains unknown, since there are no official comments from the command of the Russian Navy on this subject.

In the sense of jealous, is she a woman !? RF protects its territorial interests! If etygo not make Pindos brag! By the way, you'd better not climb with the comments!

Thank God that everything went without losses .... I think it will not bring anyone pleasure ... Peace-Peace ....

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What is the inland sea? NATO? Isn't Romania in NATO? Is Turkey not in NATO? If you do not understand the meaning of the inland sea, then this is a reservoir within the borders of one or several countries with which an agreement has been concluded, such as Ukraine-Russia and the Sea of ​​Azov, this is the inland sea, and the Black Sea is washed by a dozen states. NATO has the same right to be as Russia. There is a concept - territorial waters.

First of all, it’s just impossible to get into Sharp-witted. I once served on it. Now, weapons and protection are even better than when I served. And Ukrainians are solid frauds.

If we were hit, that would be the end of it. The government is not responding to our losses with weapons but only with words, as was the case with downed planes. The Turks shot down and there was nothing, Israel shot down and again silence. So your words, as if given will not find it, it's just words!

Michael, those who should "put insolent brazen amerikos", command the characters who staked out their future (assets, property, "offspring") there. Well, imagine - go to the aggravation of the "characters"?

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no one got to anyone, well, he swam, well, the Ukrainians were indignant, that was all.

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Michael 100% support. Ordinary people understand this, and the Kremlin looks and shrugs its shoulders. And it's time to boot in the face. Eh Kremlin, Kremlin ...

Where did Ukraine suddenly have ships?

I am a resident of the Crimea. To be honest, I don’t understand why Russia cannot put the brazen amerikos in place. The Black Sea is an inland sea and there are not and cannot be any American interests. It is time to explain it very clearly and intelligibly to them. As for Ukraine, this is a zone of Russian interests and, first of all, Russian security, I think that the United States should have learned such a lesson long ago that they would regret to the end of their existence that they had stuck their nose into the Slavic world.

If we were hit. few would have seemed to everyone.
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Well, what Russia is jealous of Ukraine to NATO?

Here are the flies. "The Russian ship came under fire ...", further, got into the zone ... shelling. You feel the difference.

So what, did they get into Sharp or not?

setup. and then, if God forbid, that powerful “tomato sanctions” happen against the aggressor, and the distribution of badges to the injured crew