PAK DA project


The Russian project PAK YES - 10 years, but there are only developments

Project PAK DA turned 10 years, but there are only developments.

The first data on the development of the Russian perspective aviation complex for long-range aviation (PAK DA) were announced in 2009, but even for 10 years a clear plan for the implementation of this project has not yet been worked out. According to experts, already in 2025, the newest Russian bomber will have to make its first flight, but today scientists and designers have only the best practices, while creating an airplane can take quite a long time.

What is known about PAK YES?

Today it is known that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has approved plans to create the newest Russian strategic bomber. Specialists have a number of unique developments that are planned to be embodied in the design of this aircraft.

According to information provided by the publication "Military Review", it is not planned to implement the "stealth" technology in the PAK DA.

“Apparently, at the moment it is still impossible to fully talk about the stealth coating (for the whole corps). However, it should be noted that several months ago, Rostec reported the creation of such a composition of materials that doubles the level of absorption of waves emitted by the enemy's radar. And we are talking about stealth coating for aviation glass. The development was carried out by the specialists of SSC RF ONPP "Technology" (Obninsk). This is a metal-optical medium of the dimension “10 to minus 9-th” (nano), which aims to ultimately reduce the visibility of the aircraft and increase its survival in combat conditions ”, - the newspaper reports.

It is also known about the PAK DA that the conventional engine will be used instead of a supersonic aircraft engine, which will simplify the design of the aircraft, although it will deprive it of the ability to move at supersonic speeds.

In fact, today we are talking only about the developments that have to be combined into a single whole.

According to existing plans, in 2028, this bomber is planned to be adopted by the VKS.

There will be no PAK YES. They will master the loot and quietly fuck up the project, as they did, by and large, Su-57 and Armat.
The resumption of production of the Tu-160 says that promising projects are too tough for modern Russia. This could the USSR, and Russia can not.