Russian submarine with Caliber missiles found in the territorial waters of Israel

The Russian submarine with cruise missiles Caliber entered the territorial waters of Israel.

According to information provided by the Israeli publication Ynet, a Russian submarine equipped with Caliber cruise missiles, in unknown circumstances, violated the territorial waters of Israel. The name of the Russian submarine was not disclosed, however, during the same period, a large concentration of Israeli warships was indeed observed in the indicated area.

“The Israeli navy discovered about three months ago a Russian submarine eight nautical miles from the Israeli coast, in the end, the submarine left the area and sailed west to the Mediterranean Sea. By identifying the submarine, Israeli Navy officers contacted their Russian counterparts by activating the Navy’s coordination mechanism through the General Staff’s Coordination Division, and finally the submarine went west deep into the Mediterranean. ”, - said in an article in the Israeli edition.

It is noteworthy that, summing up the published material, the Israeli publication notes that this will pose serious problems for Russia, and in the long run.

So far, no official comments have been submitted by Russia on this subject.

So the director that the Norwegians that the Israelis alone only on the topic drove off was hardly settled.

The Swedes caught our submarine for several years, but eventually found their buoy. Israel scared Moscow. When it saw it all. What can our submarine do in their waters? If the caliber is launched, then it will fly from Syria.

Israel could not come up with anything new and used a ready-made cliché for accusations, though there is no evidence, and it was several months ago, and maybe it was not at all ...