An American global strike command and control ship and a submarine search vessel spotted near Russian shores

NATO decided to aggravate relations with Russia by sending a command and control ship and a ship to track submarines to the borders.

The North Atlantic Alliance decided to radically strengthen its presence near the Russian borders, sending, in addition to its reconnaissance aircraft and combat aircraft, also a military command and control ship for a global strike, as well as an HMS Enterprise reconnaissance ship to search for enemy submarines. Both ships are located practically close to the Russian borders.

“Following the US Navy missile destroyer USS Roosevelt, which entered the Black Sea on Tuesday, the British Royal Navy’s reconnaissance ship HMS Enterprise is also heading there, follows from the data of the international tracking system of ships AIS. The reconnaissance ship, officially considered a multipurpose hydrographic survey ship, is equipped with multibeam echo sounders and numerous towed sensors to collect military data. It is expected to enter the Black Sea on Wednesday morning ", - about it сообщает Russian news agency Interfax.

For what purpose two NATO ships appeared in the waters of the Black Sea - it is not known, however, experts believe that this is due to the ongoing exercises "Kavkaz-2020", in this connection, probable provocations from NATO are also possible.

Despite the appearance of NATO forces at the Russian borders, analysts draw attention to the fact that the ships and aircraft are actively monitored by the Russian military, who are in full control of the situation.

And to arrange a provocation for amers themselves - is it weak? Our fleet is in its own sea, and they are guests. So they would show who is the boss in this sea ...