Airline Pskovavia


Pskovavia planes will start flying from Yaroslavl to Arkhangelsk

Russian air carrier "Pskovavia"Intends to open flights from Yaroslavl to Arkhangelsk.

Flights on the new route air direction will appear in the timetable of the air carrier starting from 15 September, while, according to information available by the information resource, air traffic will be conducted between two Russian cities with the frequency of one departure per week - flights from Yaroslavl will be carried out on Tuesdays, and In the opposite direction, passengers will be able to fly out on Friday.

Employees of the airline "Pskovavia" also informed that the flights will be carried out on passenger planes An-24, And as the management of the domestic air carrier expects, their loading should be at least 90-92%.

At the moment, air tickets have already arrived at public sales sites, and based on the available information, the editorial portal became aware that the cost of air travel will cost passengers in the amount of 2,6 thousand rubles to 4,5 thousand rubles.


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