Schoolboy from Canada landed a faulty plane on the road

17-year-old boy planted a faulty plane on the road.

"Global News" television channel reports that 17-year-old teenager, managing a small light-engine aircraft, made an emergency landing on a highway near the city of Sunderland. It is known that he carried out the flight independently, but at some point the aircraft had an engine failure, so the teenager made an attempt to land the aircraft on the terrain, and the road was perfect for this.

"I had to put a failed aircraft out. High-speed highway with intensive traffic is bad for this, but I had no choice ", - said the young pilot.

By a lucky chance, at the time of the forced landing, there were few vehicles on the road, in connection with which, the landing was successful, and neither the plane nor the teenager itself was harmed.

The reasons for the failure of the aircraft engine are still unknown, but experts believe that this was due to overheating of the power plant.