Heavy fire of Pantsir-S air defense missile systems on Israeli missiles in Syria hit the video

Russian air defense missile systems "Pantsir-S" unleashed a barrage of fire on Israeli cruise missiles.

During Israel's night attack on Syria, the Russian Pantsir-S anti-aircraft missile and cannon systems were quickly brought to a state of full combat readiness, and after the first IDF strike, they began repelling the attack on the port of Latakia, unleashing a flurry of fire on Israeli cruise missiles from automatic 30 mm. guns.

On the presented video frames you can see the moment of the attack of Israeli planes on the port of Latakia. After the first two explosions, flickering can be seen in the sky - evidence of the explosions of high-explosive fragmentation ammunition, which are used by Pantsir-S complexes to destroy air targets. It is known that Israel managed to deliver two accurate strikes, while the rest of the missiles were successfully destroyed by air defense.

The purpose of the Israeli aggression remains unknown, however, there is also information that an Israeli reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle was discovered near Latakia, which was also tested for the Pantsir-S strike.

It is known that as a result of the Israeli strikes, sea containers with food were damaged - there is no talk of the destruction of any Iranian weapons.

I will not ask the question: Where were those? Where were these? Where was it?
And I will ask one: Israel has completely beguiled the coast or is all this being done with the tacit consent of V.V.P?

Was our base attacked? What does Russia have to do with it?

Where were the radars when the Israeli planes took off?

Syria must declare to Israel that it is declaring a no-fly zone of 120 km. from its border. Any foreign military aircraft in the area will be destroyed. This is the only way to stop Israeli missile strikes on Syrian territory. The first downed plane will show that Israel's jokes with Syria are over.

This is chess several players at once

To stop the shelling, it would be necessary to work out Calibers at Israeli airfields. And not to drive away the smoke from the fire ... But the zeroed one has friends and, probably, grandmothers there.

Is this the site of the Murzilki magazine?

again they catch the bullets with their teeth. Three caught, and the fourth in the forehead. :)

what kind of heavy fire fell on the video, the author of the article dreamed something

There are 5 or 6 explosions on video. Chewing fire, I did not notice something. You can still hear the groan, most likely the woman was giving birth. According to Israeli media, 75% of weapons for Iranian militants were destroyed.

The author of the comment is wrong. It's not about bragging. According to esteemed analysts, Iran is a competitor for us in Syria. Therefore, it is completely logical not to take the rap for Iran in front of Israel. It is Iran that officially promises to wipe Israel off the face of the earth - so let each other be erased.

Russia in Syria fought ISIS, not Israel.

And what does Russia have to do with it? these are the graters of Iran and Israel. Well, Russia is not fighting at all.

From now on, it will be more and more difficult for Israel to bomb, because Assad's air defense is clearly improving. What was before and now are two huge differences. Israel is gradually being ruined because you can hit the target only with expensive missiles. Others huddle in batches. It is not excluded when Assad will recover from the war and there will be a response. Then everything will stop. After all, Israel can only bomb the weak.

Boasting and a complete failure on the part of Russia, for which year the Jews have been doing whatever they want in Syria, and ours only wipe the snot and carry all sorts of nonsense about the supposedly super weapon of Russia, but in fact not a single successful attack in all the years of the war in Syria. bouncers!

What kind of food ........ and where was the krauha?

And on video there are five explosions ...

... and after the first strike, the IDF began to repel the strike on the port of Latakia

Trash fire?