Missile strike


Syria threatens Erdogan's army "... devastating strikes by Iskander and Tochki"

Any escalation by Turkish troops in Syria will lead to massive losses of the Turkish army.

After the Turkish president openly announced that Ankara intends to do whatever it pleases in Syria and any negotiations with Damascus and Moscow will not even be considered, the Syrian army began to transfer operational-tactical missile systems to the Idlib regions, threatening the Turkish armies with devastating strikes by Iskander and Tochki.

The Iskander complexes are not officially in service with the Syrian army, however, this is not the first time that sources in the Syrian army mention their use. This does not exclude the possibility that this tactical weapon could have been transferred by the Russian side to the Syrian army. At the same time, the SAA is armed with a very significant number of Tochka and Tochka-U OTRKs, which can also inflict very serious losses on the Turkish troops.

Experts draw attention to the fact that despite the provocative statements by official Ankara, Turkey has not yet risked undertaking any offensive operations in Syria, knowing full well that this could result in Russian interference and while the Turkish army is trying to expand the military zone. operations in the northern regions of Syria, control over Idlib will be completely lost.

Guys, now there is a massive information war going on before the very likely intensification of actions in Idlib.
Well, divide all statements by at least 2, because this is the East ...
As for the opposition of the Sadykovites to the Turks, then Syria will not be able to resist Turkey, because, despite the fighting spirit and experience, it is noticeably inferior to one of the leading NATO countries both numerically and qualitatively.
Only when our skies are closed, Assad, in theory, will somehow be able to resist, but at too high a price.

And what can be devastated in the desert?

Yes, a terrible devastating weapon in the desert + the specifics of the fighting in Syria.

After the adoption of the Iskander complexes by the Russian army, some of the older Tochka-U missiles were transferred to Syria. Despite its age, it is a very powerful and effective weapon. A missile with a cluster warhead destroys all living things within a radius of 100 m from the point of impact. According to some reports, the use of these weapons, together with the strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces, helped the Syrians to stop and repel the Turks and their terrorist allies in March last year.