The Syrian military defeated an American military armored car. Video

The Syrian military broke an armored car of the American military.

Another attempt by the US military to go along one of the Syrian air mobile routes to the central part of Syria resulted in damage to the US armored car. The incident occurred after the U.S. military entered into a dispute with the Syrian troops and tried for a long time to persuade the latter to let them go in the required direction, and after the U.S. armored car left the territory of the SAA checkpoint, the Syrian military unexpectedly attacked him.

On the presented video frames you can see how one of the Syrian military is quite intelligibly explaining to the American officer that there will be no further travel, demonstrating that negotiations on this subject can not even be conducted. After the Americans tried to challenge this, the armed Syrian military began to approach the venue, demonstrating the US's readiness to use force. In the next episode, when the US military has already advanced in the opposite direction, you can see how the armored glass of an American armored car suddenly breaks to the exclamations of the Syrian military.

On the other hand, analysts say that we can talk not about an attack from the side of the SAA, but about a collision of an American armored car with an obstacle, as a result of which the armored car’s design could deform elastically, which led to damage to the armored glass.

“The Syrian military, of course, has every right to attack the Americans on its territory, however, if it was an attack, it would be logical to assume that the Americans would regard this as aggression”, - the expert expresses an opinion. However, according to viewers, a stone could become a cause of damage to the U.S. armored car.


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