Sivkov: Bayraktar military plant in Ukraine will become a legitimate target for the Russian army

Turkey's deployment of the Bayraktar defense plant in Ukraine will make it a top priority.

This is due to the fact that the Turkish enterprise will be focused primarily on the production of weapons, including those that will be supplied to Ukraine. This fact makes it possible to qualify the construction of the Turkish enterprise as a military facility, which will make it a legitimate target for the Russian army. This statement was made by Russian military expert Konstantin Sivkov.

According to Sivkov, as soon as the enterprise is ready to start producing drones and weapons, this will immediately make the Turkish plant a legitimate target. On the other hand, Sivkov notes that Turkey will need about two years to implement the project, which should not affect the Russian side's conduct of a special military operation.

“The Bayraktar plant in Ukraine will be a legitimate target for Russia, since it will produce military weapons. Another thing is that this enterprise will not affect the course of the special operation in any way. Building and launching drone production facilities is a difficult process that will take about two years.”, - said Konstantin Sivkov.

At the same time, given the fact that Baykar Technologies is perhaps the largest Turkish military-industrial enterprise, strikes on a defense plant can significantly aggravate relations between Moscow and Ankara.


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