Tanker explosion


Media: Israel attacked ships in the Persian Gulf

Arab media reported on the Israeli attack on oil tankers in the Persian Gulf.

According to information provided by the Arab media, Israel used its unmanned aerial vehicles to attack oil tankers in the Persian Gulf. We are talking about conducting a whole series of sabotage, the purpose of which, according to Iranian journalists, is to bring discord in the Arab region.

Moreover, the Reuters news agency also relies on the conclusions of the Arab media, where, by the way, they emphasize that at the moment there is no convincing evidence of this.

Days earlier, videotapes of unmanned aerial vehicle attacks on oil refineries in Saudi Arabia appeared, however, according to some reports, the Houthis took part in the attack, using their unmanned aerial vehicles that dropped bombs on oil storages.

Israel has not yet responded to the statements of the Arab media, but the situation in the Persian Gulf remains more than strange, due to the fact that at least eight oil tankers were seriously damaged and, according to analysts, the attacks could continue.

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In the same place (slightly below), it was clearly written: "... however, according to some information, the Houthis took part in the attack (i.e., the same Arabs, only a slightly different faith), who used their unmanned aerial vehicles, dropping bombs on oil storages. " So-all to Israel blame ??? Or is it a completely different thing - that: someone deliberately inflates dirty anti-Semitism here ?! (I myself, RUSSIAN, if that ...)