Get ready and get out !: Syrian military menacingly intercepted American mercenaries. Video

CAA fighters successfully intercepted an American military patrol.

Syrian troops staged another raid on the US military, who tried to infiltrate the Arab Republic controlled by the Russian and Syrian military. Nevertheless, thanks to the actions of Syrian intelligence, a convoy of American military equipment was successfully discovered and a roadblock was put up on the way of the Americans, the conversation between which the military from the USA and Syria was very short.

As noted by the Syrian media, CAA troops did not stand on ceremony with the US military, demanding to immediately stop, turn around and get out of the area. Attempts by the US military to somehow come to terms with the Syrian military were completely ignored, and the presence of two ATGMs at the checkpoint forced the Americans to comply.

“Get ready and get out - the dialogue is over. We do not let those who occupy our country ", - quoted the words of one of the servicemen as an edition of the Arab Republic.

The corresponding video, which shows the moment of the interception of the American military, was quickly distributed by local television, which clearly shook the reputation and authority of Washington in Syria and in neighboring countries.

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