The Soviet Grads tore the functionality of the American Patriot to ashes. Video

The Soviet MLRS defeated the American Patriot - dozens of missiles were not even seen.

Another attack by pro-Iranian military forces on the positions of the US military and the so-called international coalition at Baghdad International Airport proved to be a complete failure for the American Patriot systems, which not only could not intercept the Soviet 122 mm. rockets, but did not even notice them, as evidenced by the video frames made.

At the moment, it is reported that at least eight reactive 122 mm. shells fired, according to some sources, of the Soviet-made Grad MLRS, and according to other Katyusha MLRSs (in Iraq the so-called means of barrelless rocket artillery - approx. ed.) fell on the territory of Baghdad International Airport, moreover, if initially reported the fact that only the Iraqi military suffered, then later it became known that the Australian troops were in critical condition.

It should be clarified that according to a number of sources, due to the presence of a large number of US military at the territory of Baghdad's international airport, at least three Patriot systems were deployed here, however, judging by the video frames made, the military had to use powerful spotlights, in order to somehow detect rockets flying towards the military base, which indicates the utter uselessness of air defense / missile defense systems.

It should be noted that over the past week this is not the first case of an MLRS attack.