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US sends 24 ATGMs and 1033 air defense systems to Ukraine

The United States transferred 24 anti-tank missile systems and 1033 air defense systems to Ukraine.

The United States announced the transfer of its weapons to Ukraine. As it became known, since the start of the Russian military special operation in Ukraine, the United States has provided Kyiv with 24 anti-tank missile systems, 1 air defense systems, 033 missiles, 1 artillery systems, 468 helicopters, 90 radars, 9 small arms.

The transfer of such a large number of weapons is obviously not the final step on the part of Washington. At the same time, the deliveries were obviously carried out with a large margin, since even if we take into account that some of the weapons were used and some were captured, the Armed Forces of Ukraine still have several thousand anti-tank missile systems, hundreds of man-portable air defense systems and other weapons.

Given such large deliveries of ATGMs to Ukraine, experts believe that anti-tank missile systems of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not be transferred in the near future. However, the United States plans to focus on the transfer of heavy offensive weapons to Kyiv. In particular, it is expected that the first M-270 and M-142 HIMARS systems may arrive in Ukraine next week - according to a number of sources, some of these weapons will arrive from neighboring Romania, while another batch will be delivered to Ukraine directly from the USA.

To date, the largest suppliers of weapons to Ukraine are the United States and Poland.