The United States moved the production of F-35 fighter jets from Turkey to Germany

Turkey has finally dropped out of the F-35 fighter production process.

After the United States excluded Turkey from the F-35 fighter program due to the purchase of Russian S-400 air defense systems, it became known that Turkey was also left without the production of elements of this fifth generation combat aircraft. At the moment, it is known that the elements for the American fighter are produced instead of Turkey in Germany.

Today, for the first time, Germany is participating in the program for the production of elements for the F-35 fighter jets and, in the future, may expand the production base. German companies expect to receive a large income from this production, which Turkey has “liberated”. Turkey's income from the production of components for the F-35 was about $ 12 billion, while in Germany the production of additional elements of this aircraft could be organized.

Turkey has not yet commented on the transfer of production of elements of the F-35 fighter to Germany, however, such a US position will clearly seriously worsen relations between Ankara and Washington, while Turkey will almost certainly be left without fifth-generation combat aircraft of this type.

Previously, Turkey was considered one of the most important manufacturers of the central compartment of F-35 combat aircraft, and it was very problematic to replace it in this regard.


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