The war in the Donbass


Clashes in Donbass: Ukrainian Armed Forces captured Staromaryevka and attacked militias

The Armed Forces of Ukraine began to advance deep into the territory of the DPR.

After the day before, the Ukrainian military inflicted at least 110 strikes on the territory of the Lugansk and Donetsk People's Republics, it became known about the intensive advance of the Ukrainian army deep into the territory of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic. At the moment, the Ukrainian forces managed to capture the settlement of Staromaryevka and the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to move even further.

“The fighting in the area of ​​Staromaryevka, which the Ukrainian military entered yesterday, continues. The parties use artillery, mortars and drones. Yesterday's operation of the Ukrainian armed forces to seize Staromaryevka clearly went wrong. The servicemen of the Ukrainian 93rd mechanized brigade who entered the village came under intense fire from the People's Militia of the DPR and suffered losses. The press center of the so-called Joint Forces Operation (JF) reported killed and wounded, but these figures are probably underestimated. Artillery duels ensued. The Ukrainian Armed Forces fired at Telmanovo and Novaya Maryevka. Artillery of the DPR struck at the positions and close rear areas of the Ukrainian military. In the evening, the APU used the Bayraktar TB2 strike drone. He attacked the position of the DPR artillery, however, the defenders of Donbass continued to retaliate. As of the morning of October 27, the sides continued artillery duels. The press center of the so-called JFO reports that the People's Militia is using artillery and mortars. In addition, a DPR drone worked on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, dropping homemade ammunition on them. At the moment Staromaryevka is under the control of the Ukrainian military ", - according to the Russian information and news agency "Anna News".

If the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine manage to break through to Telmanovo and Novaya Marievka, the situation may be critical for the forces of the DPR, since the Armed Forces will actually cut off part of the territory of the self-proclaimed republic and not only restore control over a significant area, but also have the opportunity to begin the siege of Donetsk from three directions at once.

Despite the absence of official comments, there is information that the DPR militias are suffering quite serious losses and may leave their positions within the next few hours, although sources in the self-proclaimed republic deny this information, claiming the exact opposite.

It should be noted that the breakthrough of the Armed Forces of Ukraine into the territory of the DPR was made due to the lack of cover for this direction, which could be a fatal mistake for the militias and the DPR leadership.

And what is the principle of Russia, which sells them electricity?

Why shoot down one at a time when you can cover everything at once in the parking lot? Or weak?

There will be another boiler soon.

Ukraine began buying electricity from Russia, calling it an invading country. It is clear that you cannot dine with principles, so we bowed to Russia with outstretched hand.

The Russian Federation should at least close the airspace, or use electronic warfare, if it does not interfere in a straight line. Want to be late again? And then NATO will be close by, and then what?

Another confirmation of the treacherous policy of Russia, begun by the shameful Minsk agreements. But the betrayal intensifies day by day.

Dogbass or Nord Stream? I am afraid that while we are waiting for a positive certification, we will lose Donbass. Will it be positive? Here is the question!