Underwater explosion


Witnesses of the explosion in Nyonoks: "The pillar of water rose probably a hundred meters up"

Fishermen became accidental witnesses of the explosion in Nyonoks.

Despite the absence of any official details regarding the explosion at the military facility of the Russian Navy in Nyonoks, local fishermen became casual witnesses of what happened, describing the details of the explosion.

“We were at Pertominsk today!” In 9.00, passing by the Nenoxes, they saw a couple of ships, so the hike next to one of them shied away, the pillar of water rose probably a hundred meters up. We walked 4 km from the epicenter. I don’t know, this is an explosion or not. Well, fish is caught from the one who catches. No overrun, the weather is nice. ”, - said on one of specialized forums.

It is not known how objective this information is, however, it should be clarified that information about the explosion on the platform at sea appeared only a few days later.

It should be noted that earlier it became known about a sharp increase in radiation in the region of the mysterious explosion, and traces of radioactive particles were later found out at the borders of Norway, i.e., more than 500 kilometers from the site of the explosion.

According to the official version of what happened, the explosion occurred while testing a new type of power plant, however, according to experts, including Western experts, the explosion could have occurred when testing the 9М730 "Petrel" missile.

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