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Tajikistan "took" part of the 201st military base from Russia and transferred it to the Turkish military

Tajikistan transferred part of the 201st Russian military base to Turkey.

Several hours ago, at least four Turkish Air Force military transport aircraft landed on the territory of Kulyab International Airport, located in the south of Tajikistan, which allegedly delivered several hundred Turkish troops, equipment and weapons to Tajikistan. As it turned out, the Tajik authorities ordered to take away part of the 201st base from the Russian military and transfer it to the use of Turkish troops. This is reported by the Telegram-community "Dambiev".

In fact, the Tajik military was previously deployed on the territory of the Russian military base, however, now the Russian forces will have to share the territory of the military facility with the Turkish Armed Forces.

“As reported by the Tajik media, on August 20, 2021, four military transport aircraft Airbus A400M Atlas of the Turkish Air Force with the servicemen of the Turkish army landed at the international airport of the city of Kulob in southern Tajikistan. A source in the country's security forces said that part of the territory of the 201st Russian military base, where military unit 13483 of the Ministry of Defense of Tajikistan is now deployed, is prepared to accommodate Turkish military personnel there. "- said in the message.

For what purpose the Turkish military were deployed to Tajikistan is unknown, however, apparently, the latter will be on the territory of the 201st Russian military base for quite a long time.

Many believe that Turan is the birthplace of the Turks, because the name is very similar. However, Turan had its name not from the word "Turks", but from the name of "Tur", the son of the Persian king, who handed this territory over to his son. Of course, some peoples there spoke the languages ​​of the Turkic group, but they were not Turks.

If the Russian Federation and the Ottomans are in one place, then this is no longer a "base", but a hot spot itself.

Dear, with your "must" do not fantasize the military base of the Russian Federation will be until 2040 in Tajikistan and do not dream of overthrowing the government in this republic. Perhaps this is the decision of three states - the Russian Federation, Tajikistan and Turkey.

In the east, "legislatively" !? Funny.
Only in Rostov is no longer allowed. Enough for Magadan.

There were enough Turks there for a long time and that territory is their historical ancient homeland.

Lies! They cannot take away, since everything is enshrined in law. And even if they gave away part of the territory, then only by mutual agreement and, most likely, for joint actions against the Taliban.

The remnants of prestige were taken away from Russia. )))

I'm not sure that something was taken away from Russia, I am absolutely sure that this is a joint agreement between Rahmon, Erdogan and Putin.

the Uzbeks are more serious !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There you see something beguiled. It is necessary to withdraw the 201st Russian military base from Tajikistan, or rather relocate it to the south of Kyrgyzstan. And goodbye to the current government in Tajikistan, they will sweep it away in a moment. And then there were not enough Turks, and even at the base we equipped.

The concept of the Great Turan in action - Azerbaijan, Tajikistan. Russia merging, who is next?

The title is one, but the content is different. So what was it taken away from Russia?

Another serious competitor in drug trafficking protection?

My advice to you. Do not deal with the press, this is not your profession. It would be nice if you were only selling avi-tickets.

This is the beginning of Russia's loss.

Why such a jaundiced name?
"They took away" - it would be if they demanded from ours a part of what they are borrowing now.
And in fact, the Turks are settled in the Tajik part. Here "Tajikistan" has hooked up the maximum "to its military personnel, Turkish colleagues."



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