Taliban seized over 1000 American armored vehicles in two weeks

The Taliban managed to seize tens of millions of dollars worth of American equipment.

For two weeks, members of the Taliban movement (activity is prohibited on the territory of Russia - ed.) Managed to seize more than a thousand units of army military armored equipment. According to the data provided, the Taliban have so far managed to capture 715 American armored Humvee SUVs, about a hundred armored trucks, armored personnel carriers and even several tanks.

“It has been estimated that in recent weeks the Taliban have been able to hijack about 715 Humvee SUVs and other light armored trucks, as well as dozens of armored vehicles and heavy artillery systems. Among other things, it is known about the capture of at least 2 tanks of the Afghan National Army, dozens of mortar complexes and anti-aircraft guns, some of which remained after the Soviet-Afghan war of the 1980s. Also captured 17 towed 122-mm howitzers D-30, 141 US trucks Navistar International, and according to the magazine "Oyrx", 21 mine-resistant armored vehicles, bulldozers, excavators and other equipment ", - said in the material presented by the publication "Soha".

Experts note that due to the radical change in the situation in Afghanistan, there is a serious threat to Russia, although at the moment there have been no attempts to break through the border with Tajikistan behind the Taliban.

There is no threat for Russia .. On the contrary, Russia can use this situation to strengthen its position in the region

Quote "... 715 American armored SUVs were captured ... 2 Afghan Army tanks ..."
But there are only two roads in Afghanistan:
1) Highway connecting Herat, Kandahar, Ghazni and Kabul (Among the rocks and serpentine)
2) Delaram Highway - Zaranj
That armored vehicles are very "useful" there ....))
One thing is certain that the government Army will not be able to resist - for the locals it is just a job where they were paid regularly. It is worth remembering the Afghan "greens" (government army of the DRA)

These are not Japanese pickups from the 70s - 80s of the last millennium, the equipment is complex and not unified by zip with civilian products, will be turned into real estate in six months or a year