A US military M1 Abrams tank was unable to climb a mountain due to several centimeters of snow

The main tank of the US Armed Forces turned out to be unsuitable for use in winter.

A video is gaining popularity on the Web, which shows the unsuccessful attempts of the US Armed Forces M1 Abrams tank to climb the mountain. Despite the fact that the heavy fighting vehicle, which is the main tank of the American army, has tremendous power, armored vehicles were able to stop only a few centimeters of snow cover - the tank simply began to slip and roll down the slope.

On the presented video frames, you can see the unsuccessful attempt of the American M1 Abrams heavy tank to overcome the hill. In total, several attempts were made, but the heavy combat vehicle was never able to overcome such an obstacle. This indicates that the tank is unsuitable for use in the winter, especially when overcoming difficult terrain.

Previously, experts have already stated that the American M1 Abrams tanks are of little use for performing assigned tasks in the winter. This is due, among other things, to the fact that these combat vehicles were not adapted to work in conditions of snow and freezing temperatures, which, by the way, is confirmed by the current video footage.

This is because I did not change my shoes for winter tracks.

I remember 1968.
Soviet tanks go through Uzhgorod at night to occupy Czechoslovakia. The road is paved and changes direction slightly. So tanks were spinning on this pavement as if on ice! They dug into one house and took out the window frame, in the second they demolished the facade of scrap.
I can imagine the well-being of the inhabitants of the house when a tank tumbles into them at night

ridiculed ... they just didn’t remove the shoes from the tracks for driving on asphalt.

And what did he want to prove with these overlays? He would have tried it on bald tires. Here it is, all professionalism.

But what about in the movies?

If the ground is well frozen, then our tanks do not glide so badly.

We must take an example from Russia, which every year in winter switches to winter operation of its equipment, otherwise a fine.

Yes, it's okay to gloat...
It hasn't changed for winter yet.

the US tank is used to driving in deserts, but not in snow. So the Germans froze near Moscow.

Do not mock the tanks of the us army, you have not yet seen a soldier in action.

And why spill secrets to a potential enemy on how to drive in the snow correctly?

The main thing is not just to shoot, but to shoot from a vantage point. And to take it, it is still necessary to get there.

On overlays for asphalt (used in parades) and ours would also slip off with pirouettes.

This is how it will ride through not quite frozen soil and swamps. We are because of this, according to the West, we do not attack Ukraine.

They stand, they take off, there is nothing to push

In the mud on the plain, he behaves in much the same way.

and why is there an angle of more than 30 degrees and ice! Did you teach physics at school?

This situation is familiar to every novice motorist who has tried to get out of a snow trap at high speed. Wheels rapidly rotating on one side (interwheel self-driving cars, including viscomfuts, the cat cried) or synchronously, melt the snow, press on it from above, thereby ramming it and grinding it. Then the car rolls back from the place of slipping, or just stands there, all the polished porridge cools and freezes, turning into ice. The rate of freezing depends on the temperature, of course.
Moreover, even a Christmas tree on a saiga can be managed to grind. It would be crazy in my head.
In this video, you can see that the chassis of the tank was really worn out to a shine, so he only compacted the snow cover and polished it to smooth ice.
In addition, the complete unpreparedness of the driver affects: never storm the hill in the forehead! - drive at an angle of 45 degrees and in a pre-selected gear, preferably the lowest, carefully, in no case sharply giving in to the gas, and preferably not changing the pressure on the gas pedal at all.
And so he hurried - he made people laugh.
Grousers are on running only small low-speed tilled tractors, such as DT-75: on each track there are several protruding spikes.
On large tractors, such as B-10, S-100, as well as those tanks, the goose looks smooth, because there are simply no such spikes.
Therefore, the experience and skill of the driver is important here.

I drove in the army on a bmd across the virgin snow, without even noticing

On the other hand, measuring the distance to the target is automatic with virtually zero error, and a direct shot from this tank almost 100 percent guarantees the defeat of any armored target. As well as from the German Leopard A7. In these tanks, it is not a problem to hit the target, but to detect it.

They have tracks with rubber on top, they are good on asphalt, but on ice ..... Ours are steel with a special pattern. On asphalt at high speeds, an uncontrollable piece of iron, but on the ground and on ice it is quite comfortable.

You don't have to be an expert to see that the video has been edited. Another fake

In the USA, tracks with a rubber-metal joint and rubber shoes are used. They do not spoil the grass cover and asphalt - they are supposedly environmentally friendly. Our tracks are steel. with pronounced lugs. T72 will drive up this hill from a place without any problems.

No no no. This is the best tank in the world. You're wrong!

Excuse level 80. Maybe he hasn't changed his tires yet?

There are rubber shoes on the tracks for driving on asphalt, remove them and drive up the hill without any problems

Summer caterpillars were not changed to winter ones with spikes)).

I saw the same picture in Omsk, at the OVTKU tankodrome, when Soviet medium tanks T-62 and T-64 were also rolling down the hill ... Interestingly, the T-34 took this hill easily ...

If the hill is reinforced concrete with a thin layer of ice - no tank will drive in - there is nothing for the caterpillar hooks to catch on.
And studs on winter tires might not help if the car tries.

Most likely this tank is from the march and it has tracks with rubberized inserts, having normal lugs this slide is not a problem

They don't drive in winter.

Winter spiked caterpillars were not installed))

And these people want to fight the Russians

so, there is most likely ice under the snow .. I think ours would hardly have stopped too ..

Moreover, there are even older videos on YouTube, where an abrams in desert camouflage cannot drive up an artificial hill because of the snow, only the operator stands on the crest of an obstacle on the starboard side of an unfortunate tank

They are not ready for snow, they are not ready for mud, they are not ready for arable land and lawns ... they are ready for sand, and then in some places.

Wet black earth is a terrible force. :)

installation, what was actually not clear there, maybe the tank just decided to ride down the hill. If he really couldn't get in, the video would be solid.

It seems that they ride worn-out tracks, and this is a state that is trying to conquer the whole world; they not only have no money to feed their soldiers, they don’t have enough money to replace new tracks (tracks)

Russians consider this a springboard to jump

Caterpillars had to be changed to winter ones in time and put on chains.

According to the video, this is at least the second or third attempt to climb the mound.



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