Turkey: F-16 tests against S-400 purchased from Russia completed

Turkey completed the tests of Russian S-400s against F-16 fighters.

The Turkish military conducted tests of the Russian S-400 air defense systems against F-16 fighters and at the moment they have successfully completed them. Judging by the fact that the tests of Russian systems are ongoing, the Russian Triumphs fully withstood the tests against the main American combat aircraft, for the domination of which these systems were developed.

According to Fighter Jets World, Turkey tested the Russian C-400 not only on American F-16 fighters, but also on F-4 fighters, which, although morally obsolete, are still in service with Turkey itself. According to some reports, Turkey tested the Russian systems in all possible modes, in particular, it is about detecting enemy conventional fighters at long, medium and near borders, practicing actions in defense mode and the regime of suppressing the enemy, detecting targets at large, small and medium heights , which, obviously, indicates the fact that Ankara decided to take a very meticulous approach to testing Russian weapons.

By the way, experts pay attention to the fact that photos have already appeared on which the deployed S-400s are opposed to combat aircraft, however, official confirmation that the Russian Triumphs were tested against the F-16 appeared only now. Another thing is noteworthy - according to some reports, the American F-35s and F-22s being flown to Qatar could also be tested with the S-400 without notice to the United States, which, obviously, caused Washington's anger.

Will Turkey pay for these complexes when? This is the main question. :)))

F-16 is a light fighter, unlike the F-15.
What is there to be proud of?
It would be F-35, and preferably F-22, then yes, you could drink champagne.