Turkey began negotiations on the purchase of Russian Su-35 and Su-57

Ankara is interested in purchasing Russian Su-35 and Su-57 fighters.

Russia and Turkey have resumed negotiations on the terms of the sale of Russian Su-35 and Su-57 fighters to Ankara. According to the data provided by the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, Turkey is completely satisfied with the capabilities of Russian combat aircraft, moreover, this applies to both Su-35 and Su-57 fighters - the contract may be concluded in the very near future.

“They liked everything. If there is an application for this aircraft (Su-35 - approx.) From the Turkish side, we are ready to continue negotiations on this issue. The same can be said about the Su-57. If our Turkish partners are interested, we are ready to start working on this topic ", - reported in the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation.

There are no official comments from Turkey on this matter yet, however, the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation noted that if there are no problems with the supply of the Su-35 to the Turkish Air Force, then the supply of Su-57 fighters will be possible only after the execution of the state of the contract for the supply of these combat aircraft to Russia's armament, which obviously implies that the supply of the Su-57 in service with Turkey will become possible only after 2028.


So we learned to trade))

This is bad. From my point of view, Turkey will then use against Russia

We have not learned the history of the S-400! The Turks want to merge the 35th and 57th Americans.

Useless c400s have already been bought for a box of tomatoes. Now, in a similar way, they want to purchase copies of f15 and f22 cut with an ax.

The Ottomans are great. And a stick and a carrot. And they put them on Montreux, and the cards were cut as they need it now. But at the same time they express a desire to buy. NO M.B. someday.

Maybe it's enough to deal with Turkey in terms of armaments? They are pouring everything to the west ... Otherwise it all looks like a legalized version of espionage. The latest weapons are being sold, bridging the development gap.