UAV Bayraktar


Turkish drones hit the territory of Syria

Turkish drones attacked Syrian territory.

This afternoon, Turkish attack unmanned aerial vehicles delivered at least three strikes on Syrian territory. The drones are said to have originally flown near the Syrian-Turkish border or over areas controlled by the Turkish military and jihadists, however, during the attack, the drones operated from airspace controlled by the Syrian military or Kurds, and to date this is the first large-scale attack by Turkish drones after the Turkish leader announced a military operation in Syria.

According to data available to the news agency, two attacks by Turkish drones hit the city of Ain al-Arab (Kobani). The target was a car with members of the Syrian Democratic Forces inside, although Ankara does not comment on what exactly caused the liquidation of the Kurdish military.

In addition, this afternoon, an unknown unmanned aerial vehicle, which, according to so far unconfirmed information, was a Turkish UAV Bayraktar TB2, was struck at a Syrian military base located between Hama and Homs.

As a result of the drone attack, warehouses with weapons and ammunition, which were supposed to supply the Syrian military who were preparing for a military operation in Idlib, were destroyed.

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