Turkish tanks "in a fascist way" hide behind Russian attacks in Syria by civilians

Turkey forces Russian aircraft to hit civilians in Syria.

After the transfer of a huge number of Turkish troops to Syria, and today we are talking about about 12 thousand Turkish soldiers, as well as hundreds of pieces of equipment and weapons, Turkey began to use peaceful Syrian citizens under siege from terrorists as a human shield. This is evidenced by the corresponding video frames, where you can see that Turkish tanks are right behind the houses of civilians.

According to experts, against the background of the destruction of two Syrian military helicopters, Turkey forced Russia to use exclusively fighters and bombers to attack the militants - the latter are outside the MANPADS destruction zone transferred to the militants. The Russian military is well aware that in this case we can talk about the deaths of hundreds of civilians, and therefore, strikes cannot be delivered.

Nevertheless, experts pay attention to the fact that Russian military aircraft began to actively launch air strikes on columns with Turkish equipment - in the last 72 hours at least 23 armored vehicles, 4 tanks, 6 MLRS and 10 other vehicles were destroyed allows you to interrupt the supply channels of weapons to militants across the Turkish border.

Experts do not exclude the possibility that in the event of any slightest provocation by Turkey, Russia will immediately strike at the positions of the Turkish military, regardless of where the provocative actions were committed.