Air defense in Crimea


Turkish drone was able to enter the airspace of the Crimea and took pictures of Russian air defense in the scope

Turkish drones received by Ukraine were able to break through the Russian air defense systems guarding Crimea.

After Ukraine began to actively use the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 attack unmanned aerial vehicles, it turned out that at least one of the drones was able to freely enter the airspace of the Crimean peninsula and approach a distance of several kilometers to the positioning area of ​​the Russian air defense, while remaining unnoticed. Information about this is provided by the Russian information publication "ANNA-News".

“Pro-Turkish sources claim that the Ukrainian side took this picture from the Bayraktar TB2 drone. This frame allegedly depicts the position of Russian air defense systems that are on duty in Crimea. This shot was taken during an observation flight along the border of the peninsula. In addition, the news notes the transfer of Ukrainian troops to the South-East of the country, where a large-scale offensive operation can be prepared ", - the Russian news agency reports.

Experts cannot yet say with certainty what kind of Russian air defense system they are talking about, but taking into account a number of assumptions, a mobile coastal over-the-horizon radar station with increased stealth "Limit" could be in the sight of a Turkish attack unmanned aerial vehicle.

Based on the range, the drone was only a few kilometers away, from Russian positions, which indicates that Russian radars simply missed his approach.

This is not about Turkey, but about the fact that the topic of small-sized remote air force was missed and it looks like they missed it

And what will become of Turkey 10 minutes after the start of the attack? Tourists will definitely not go there for a long time. It takes a lot of time to fix everything there, bring in personnel, organize the work of local councils of people's deputies.

Boeing off Sakhalin for some reason fell off the coast of Japan from an American missile. 4 American military aircraft fell off the coast of Sakhalin. The events were classified for 50 years by both the USSR and the USA. In the report of the Americans, this was called a tragic accident.

There is! Wreckage of MH-17!

2 Boeing, you need to remember. That the first is still over Karelia long before Sakhalin!

At one time, Proust flew to the Kremlin.

Is this about Ukraine? I agree: in Ukraine we can see all this now.

I'm a developer, the son of an engineer, believe me - not everything is so simple ..)))) from this opera it looks like

I do not know how they will explain it in Crimea, but in Syria it was explained by the fact that the Earth is crooked, so they did not see it.

Well, or was it not, like cessna in 1987 on red square)

If this were true, then certainly the media did not know about it.

Which Turkish drone? The American Global Hawk drone at an altitude of about 20 km flies several times a month in one flight (the Kaliningrad region, around the Donbass three times back and forth and then around the Crimea at a distance of 50 km) It is capable of photographing and other reconnaissance manipulations up to 150 km. I see it often on the Flightradar24 website and they do not hide it. It is designated as Forte10 or 20, I don’t remember exactly.

Dima, you're right. In Karabakh, the weapon passed the test and all the pros and cons were manifested, and now the Turks are conducting reconnaissance. So it was with us before the Karabakh war.

Is there a photo from that period?
Otherwise, satellite images do not show such a field configuration (turns, approach paths, ...), except for similar intermittent stripes in the middle and a typical stepped configuration of a road turn.

In the days of the UNION, the aircraft would have been shot down. Like a Korean Boeing.

To everyone who believed, I inform you that the bread is now made of fish scales.

Here, the other day, three foot Ukrainian violators were found, and you mean the UAV. YES, and it is doubtful that the air defense systems were in full view.

this is not Crimea but Ukraine Starokonstantinov airbase photo for 2019

and if 50 of them flies in?

Surprisingly, there are still people who believe in all this ... Do not laugh, I would rather believe that our inflatable air defense was installed in an open space, and now they are looking at who and how flies over them ...

It is high time to understand that our weapons were outdated even when the Union collapsed, there were no longer truly formidable weapons

The masts of the radar station really hit the sight, but it belongs not to Russian, but to Ukrainian air defense, since the picture was taken not on the coast of the Crimean peninsula, but in Ukraine, at the Starokonstantinov airbase.

and so everything is clear from Karabakh what kind of weapons we have ...

Guys, here is the answer to everyone, as in Karabakh, in 3 days Turkish Bayraktar destroyed up to 90% of heavy equipment: tanks, artillery, s300, tori. If at the moment you - Russia have not yet found opposition to the Bayraktar, how could Karabakh do it? Guys seriously take this case. Otherwise, they will also kill the artillery of the Crimeans in 3 days and, like in Karabakh, you will not be able to attack !!!!
The fact that after Karabakh they (Turks) will make an attempt to take Crimea, do not doubt 100%. Take on this business seriously !!!

And did anyone notice that all the tags on the photo, date, and coordinates were erased ... Even objects were erased so that they would not be identified ... is it definitely a Russian military unit or is it a Ukrainian training ground?))))) )

And besides the words "pro-Turkish sources" and this picture (made it is not known where and it is not known by whom) is there any other evidence of what we read about?))))

The gazebo with a diameter of 3 m at the grandfather's dacha is much more clearly visible in the Googlemap.

Nowhere is it specified that this is Crimea and nothing can be disassembled in the photo, they also posted a lot about Crimean

Object coordinates to the studio! And, then, somehow weakly bragging, no date, no reference to the area. I will cut these "pictures" for you in Photoshop at 3 rubles a bunch for half an hour. And I will inform you that DaVinci flew over the entire coast of the United States on his wings

Therefore, they were paid little, because they studied for "5-7 years", instead of the prescribed 5, they did not really learn to know. Another question, where is it "still finished Soviet developments" in 2010?

And, at defense plants, because such a salary is that someone "does not officially work, but earns 15 times more," we read - does not pay taxes from which the defense industry is financed

I read the comments and am surprised that you believe everything? Computer technologies can either, otherwise everything at once, sentry, everything is bad, everything is gone, don't tell my slippers, everything is in order

Iran and that shoot down amerovskie UAVs. And we only boast that we have all the most unsurpassed! Not a single answer to the crossing of our borders, even by drones, even by destroyers, etc.

It remains to somehow confirm that this is Crimea, that this is a photo after 2014 and that it was not taken by Russians.

Optics and software image processing allows you to observe a target of dimension c300 from 50-80km

I am a developer, I write in several languages, I program controllers, I worked at a defense plant for a year, but I didn’t give up, it’s not promising from the word at all. Now I do not officially work anywhere, but I earn 15 times more than at that defense plant

And they give us noodles that our air defense is the best in the world. Done to the fullest.

information war is like that, aha ...

Where did they get the idea that he was several kilometers from the border, and not 15-20 km? Where did you get the idea that he was not led? Or should have been shot down? Oh, those experts.

Yes, it seems a big hole appeared in our air defense

"UVAZHUHA" to the enemy, are you an enemy of Russia?

Because, over the past 10-15 years, there was no interest in young personnel - salaries at defense or specialized enterprises were offered such that they barely had enough for bread - as if you came from the taiga and did not know anything, but the guys studied 5- 7 years old, most of them have already worked at those enterprises by the end! Yes, what new developments are there - only Soviet ones and finished, which is happening to this day! I am not to mention the creation of a family in such conditions and the youth left like a river, although there was a great desire to work and develop, and as a rule these are narrow-profile specialties, you simply cannot find them on Avito. So "thank you" to those who saved in those years on the salaries of young and intelligent specialists. Soon we will see everything with our eyes, how it will be!

This is the Shirokiy Lan training ground, a purely Ukrainian territory. In Crimea, the positions are equipped differently, but here is a temporary camp.

But they boasted to the bogey

If this is true, then respect and respect to the Turks and Ukraine! And we have once again levied.
I’m wondering if our brothers Israelis would have tolerated this?
A shame.