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Turkish UAV Bayraktar TB2 freely violated Armenian border

The Turkish attack UAV Bayraktar TB2 entered the airspace of Armenia without hindrance.

The Turkish edition "Milli Gazete" reports that despite the statements of the Armenian military about a significant increase in the country's air defense, including through the acquisition of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems, the Turkish military managed to freely introduce the Bayraktar TB2 strike reconnaissance drone into airspace of Armenia. The latter was there for quite a long time, remaining unnoticed.

It is known that this incident did not pass without a trace for the Turkish army. In addition to the fact that a protest note was handed to Turkey, it became known that the Turkish military command, in an attempt to justify what had happened, removed from their posts two servicemen who refused to admit their guilt and filed a lawsuit against the country's defense department, stating that followed the instructions of their superiors.

“On July 8, the UAV Bayraktar TV2 (number S-26), which took off from Igdir, crossed the border with Armenia. After the incident, Armenia sent a note of protest to the Turkish Foreign Ministry through the embassy in Tbilisi. Following the filing of the complaint, the Turkish Ministry of Defense launched an investigation into the incident, which resulted in the firing of two captains of the TR Armed Forces. According to the Turkish side, for technical reasons, they did not notice that they had violated the border. The UAV camera was damaged. They said that before the violation was recorded, they should have been warned by the Erzurum radar station. It is noted that the dismissed military personnel filed a lawsuit to restore their rights ", - reports "Armenian Military Portal".

For what reasons, the Armenian air defense systems were not used to defeat the intruder drone - it is not known, however, given the escalation of tension by the Azerbaijani side, the flight of the Turkish UAV Bayraktar TB2 really carried at least a potential danger.

"After the incident, Armenia sent a note of protest to the Turkish Foreign Ministry through the embassy in Tbilisi." Toilet paper for the ambassador.

When he bombed Yerevan, inform.

the reasons are clear - so as not to light up the positioning points of air defense systems



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