Army of Turkmenistan


Turkmenistan began to urgently pull heavy equipment to the border with Afghanistan

A serious armed conflict could break out near the borders of Russia.

Against the background of the large-scale operation of the Taliban in Afghanistan, today the militants of the Taliban terrorist movement (banned on the territory of Russia - ed.) Control most of the country and the appearance of the latter near the borders of Turkmenistan has led to the urgent this region.

It is reported that today there is a very serious risk that the Taliban militants may try to break into the territory of neighboring Turkmenistan. In this regard, the defense department of this country decided to urgently transfer heavy equipment and several thousand servicemen to the border.

“According to another source in one of the southern border detachments, in the last three days a combat alert has been repeatedly declared in the units. On the night of July 8-9, two powerful explosions were heard from the neighboring country, from which the earth trembled in the place where the source is located. Early in the morning on July 9, a train with heavy military equipment arrived in Serhetabad (the former city of Kushka): tanks, cannons and armored personnel carriers. ", - reports the publication "Turkmen News". It notes that the editorial office has the corresponding photographs of the transfer of troops, but does not publish them because of the existing danger to the country.

Experts do not exclude that Turkmenistan may request assistance from Russia, but so far there is no need for this.

"We will all be destroyed !!!! Urgently !!!! Ahh !! We are already being bombed !!!!" -

The news anchors said just in case and calmly after the end of the episode went to drink tea

The work is done, and then at least do not bloom



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