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Russian Su-24 bombers found near LNA

Su-24 bombers were found in service with the Libyan National Army.

A few hours ago, Libyan media published a photo of two front-line Su-24 bombers, allegedly being combat aircraft of the Libyan National Army Air Force, passing over the ground. Nevertheless, the six front-line Su-24Mk bombers in service with Libya were destroyed in 2012, which forced journalists to call the appearance of the Su-24M bombers in this country "Russian help."

The first information about the appearance of front-line bombers Su-24M in the LNA Air Force was published in 2020. Previously, it was assumed that we are talking about aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces, however, later photographs appeared that made it possible to identify these bombers - judging by the emblems, we are really talking about LNA bombers, however, the latter could probably only have been transferred from Russia.

It should be noted that earlier the Libyan Su-24Ms have already been able to prove themselves during the strikes on the base with the Turkish military, and, it is alleged, when the convoy of armored vehicles of the Turkish army and forces of the PNU Libya was destroyed, while the LNA command does not comment on the appearance of these combat aircraft.