NATO and Ukrainian exercises in the Black Sea caught in the "trap" of 20 Russian warships and submarines

Russia gave an unpleasant surprise to Ukraine and NATO during joint exercises.

On the very first day of the start of the Ukrainian military exercises, together with NATO forces in the waters of the Black Sea and on the territory of Ukraine itself, Kiev and the North Atlantic Alliance faced the first troubles from Russia. As it turned out, against the background of attempts by NATO and Ukraine to work out strikes on Russian territory, the Russian side sent about two dozen ships and submarines into the waters of the Black Sea, which naturally made very serious adjustments to the actions of the Alliance and Ukraine during military exercises.

Russia actually caught Ukraine and NATO in its own trap, and now the Ukrainian side not only cannot work out provocative maneuvers against Russia, but will also have to beware of possible actions in the Black Sea by Russia.

“About 20 surface ships and support vessels of the Black Sea Fleet went to sea from their basing points in Sevastopol and Novorossiysk to conduct joint exercises with rocket and artillery fire. The crews of the ships will carry out rocket and artillery firing as part of diverse tactical groups "- said in the message.

The area of ​​the Russian military exercises is still unknown, however, given unofficial data, it is located southwest of Crimea. This is a very likely area for joint exercises between Ukraine and NATO.

Where did the British Defender disappear there? Come on out! 20 Russian warships are waiting for you!