The strike on Israel was carried out using 500 kamikaze drones - this is the largest UAV attack in history

ABC News is reporting a possible large-scale strike on Israel that could involve 400 to 500 drones and missiles. The bulk of the strike is expected to originate from Iranian territory, but pro-Russian groups from Iraq, Syria, as well as southern Lebanon and areas controlled by the Houthis will also take part.

The information comes amid rising tensions between Iran and Israel following the recent Israeli airstrike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, which reportedly killed several senior Iranian officers.

Tehran's response began with the launch of about 250 drones, most of which, according to the source, were destroyed over Iraq. As a result, Iran was forced to initiate additional waves of attacks.

According to various sources, Iran has about 5 thousand drones in its arsenal, which, taking into account the given figures, indicates the fact that Iran has used only about 5% of its drones.


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