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Impact UAV S-70 "Okhotnik" delivered the first air strike since its inception

The Russian UAV "Okhotnik" for the first time struck at ground targets.

A few hours ago, the news agency received information that, as part of the ongoing tests of the latest domestic unmanned aerial vehicle "Okhotnik", the drone launched air strikes on training targets on the territory of the "Ashuluk" training ground. The strikes were carried out with the use of 500-kilogram high-explosive aircraft bombs (presumably, we are talking about FAB-500 - ed.).

The tests are planned, however, in addition to the fact that the Russian combat drone successfully hit the targets, another fact is quite interesting - the weapons were used from the internal fuselage compartments, which suggests that in the case of real combat use, the drone would be an unobtrusive target for conditional radars enemy, and earlier a lot of questions were raised by the very fact of the use of weapons by the latest domestic UAVs.

Earlier it was assumed that tests with the defeat of ground targets by the Russian UAV S-70 "Okhotnik" would begin this spring, while in the second half of the year the drone had to work out the defeat of air targets, which does not exclude the possibility that tests of the newest Russian UAV are underway ahead of schedule.

Whether the newest Russian drone will be tested in real combat conditions, in particular, its use in Syria is meant, is still unknown.