Ukraine began to use the MiG-29 transferred by Slovakia over the Kharkiv region

Ukraine began to use the MiG-29 fighters transferred by Slovakia to protect its skies.

According to Vice Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Elena Kondratyuk, four fighter jets are already on duty over the Kharkiv region

The transfer of fighter jets from Slovakia to Ukraine took place last week. Four out of thirteen MiG-29 fighters were transferred as "humanitarian aid" to Ukraine. The remaining fighters will also be sent shortly.

It is known that the United States will transfer 12 AH-1Z Viper attack helicopters to Slovakia as compensation for assistance in the transfer of fighters. However, former Slovak prime minister and head of the Smer party Robert Fico said that the transfer of MiG-29 fighters was in violation of the Slovak constitution, which requires an investigation. In addition, he said that Slovakia did not plan to buy American helicopters and now they will have to pay extra for something that Slovakia does not need.

Slovak MiG-29 fighters are Soviet fighters that were produced in the USSR in the 1980s. These aircraft were transferred to Slovakia after its separation from Czechoslovakia in 1993. Slovakia used MiG-29 fighters in its arsenal until it decided to replace them with new combat aircraft. In turn, Slovakia decided to transfer 13 of its MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine as humanitarian aid in connection with the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

The handover of the fighter jets sparked criticism in Slovakia, including allegations of violations of the constitution and sabotage by the government.


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