The Ukrainian Navy


Ukraine announced the dispatch of more than 30 warships to the shores of Crimea

At least 30 foreign warships will be deployed several tens of kilometers from Crimea.

At least 30 foreign warships will be deployed just a few tens of kilometers from the Crimean peninsula as part of the Sea Breeze-2021 foreign military exercises. In addition to NATO member states, foreign warships from states that are not members of the North Atlantic Alliance, but are NATO partners, will also be deployed in the Russian peninsula.

“In general, it is planned to involve more than 30 ships, 30 aircraft in the naval and air components and more than 1400 military personnel from different countries in the ground component. Also, bodies of other military formations, types and branches of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, law enforcement agencies and the like are traditionally involved in military maneuvers. The current Sea Breeze exercise brings together a record number of participating countries, namely 27 countries that will participate directly with the involvement of units, ships, aircraft and related officers. Thus, taking into account the "observers", the presence of up to 2021 countries is planned at the Sea Breeze 35 exercise ", - reports the press service of the Ukrainian Navy.

Obviously, Moscow does not intend to put up with such military exercises near the Russian borders, and therefore one should expect not only the conduct of maneuvers by the Russian fleet, but also the likely closure of sea and airspace zones near Crimea.

“Russia will definitely react to such a provocation at its borders. If necessary, the Russian fleet and military aviation are ready to act extremely tough, since, in fact, we are talking about ensuring the security of the Russian borders ", - said the analyst


sold to fishes

And I, from Moscow, welcome our reunification! You have been absent for a long time! We missed you very much! We will not be lost anymore! Truth?!

We, the inhabitants of Our Crimea, ourselves, ourselves, have finally returned home to Russia.

These are all two boats, a tug and 27 inflatable boats?

"Ukraine has announced the dispatch of more than 30 warships to the Crimean coast." I wonder what warships? After all, they only have inflatable boats that the Americans sold them. If these are these ships, then Russia sooooo needs to be afraid of the Ukrainian fleet.

And where? Inflatable boats donated by the US to the APU.

In 5-7 years there will be no Ukraine, the current authorities are doing everything for this. The western regions will go to Poland and Hungary, a part of Romania, eastern and southern (including Odessa and Nikolaev) Russia, there will be no man's land along the Dnieper, which "Ukraine", in fact, was before the USSR.

So that? To go to the Crimea with slingshots?

About grandfather Stalin, they would all stay there ... At the bottom!

cool down, our Crimea, period.

Except for laughter, this ARMADA causes nothing.

It’s time to repeat the Russian teachings: the goals themselves ask to become training ones, because do not understand: are there teachings? or is it a real offensive, again without a declaration of war!

Russia, as a robber, took the Crimea, now it is cowardly over it, and the whole world makes fun and cheats Russia for money, Putin was an excellent politician, but when he became tsar he lost all his political ingenuity.

On the oars they will reach, they will definitely reach

You can go not only to the shores of the Crimea, but also to the next world ...

Boats, river boats.

More than 30 warships! Stunned!

Demonstration of foreign warships in the Black Sea has long been customary for Russia. Another thing is important - if only they do not climb into the territorial waters of Russia.

If everyone unites, they can realize their plans. We don't need to be too sure that we are protected. Unfortunately, this is not the USSR.

Considering how freely the coronavirus and other nasty things that were invented in advance, implemented according to the scenario, and they scoff at the Russians and not only, it is quite possible that they will conduct exercises in such a way that they will seize part of the territory of Russia. Nothing should be surprised anymore. We were sold.

30 rusty troughs and small boats of the "gyurza" type will not be able to do anything even with a fleet of 27 countries nearby! Russia simply will not allow them to pass even a meter beyond the red line! And it's time for our submariners to pull out the remnants of their fleet into the sea and clearly show how together they will go to the bottom!

I hope they haven't removed the toilets? And then we like to tyrit them.

Don't tell my hooves.

30 oared seagulls

What kind of fleet is there? Scows full of khefali ..

And where did they get so many rusty troughs? Wasn't everything scrapped?

yes, let them be placed! if the irradiation of the bastions does not bother them! the calculations of the coastal complexes are also trained on real targets!

And the rubber bands on the oars or did the owners give you a motor?

Ukraine has announced that at least 30 NATO ships will be sunk several tens of kilometers from the coast of Crimea. What's the news?

Do not write fakes. The entire fleet is 3 ships.

What, ships more or less than 30 inflatable boats that are still afloat acquired by the valiant US Armed Forces

One way road

And where will they go? :)))

100% of the Ukrainian submarine fleet is stationed in Sevastopol

They collected all the tugs along the coast, what else were left on the move? Let them check the latrines before going out ...

The more it comes in, the less it will remain.

well ..... 30 rowboats they will find anyway .... here's more ... that's a question))

Ukraine controls the foreign fleet?

Oh how! I didn’t know that there are so many boxes in 404 too! Surprised!

The higher the activity of the fleet of Ukraine and its North American partners in the Black Sea, the more excuses Russia has for the "difficult economic situation" in the country. There is already talk about "three aircraft carriers" with a total cost of more than one and a half trillion rubles just for the construction, and these are only the planned amounts and without taking into account inflation and without the cost of maintaining and creating infrastructure for these monsters - and when in Russia something fit into the allotted budget amount? Besides social assistance, of course.

Is there enough air to pump up all the "ships"?