rocket complex "Neptune"


Ukraine has worked out massive missile strikes on Crimea

The Ukrainian Armed Forces worked out a missile strike on the ships of the Russian and Crimean navies.

A few hours ago, the Ukrainian military practiced a large-scale missile strike on the territory of the Crimea and the ships of the Russian Navy, using the Ukrainian missile system "Neptune". The actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces coincided with the escalation of the situation at the Russian borders in Crimea and Donbas.

According to the information obtained by the information and news resource, it turned out that the attack by cruise missiles of the Neptune complex was carried out from the territory of the Alibey state test site along the territory of the test site located at a relatively short distance from Crimea. Given the distance, such cruise missiles pose a rather serious danger to the entire western part of the peninsula.

Ukrainian media report that all targets were successfully hit, but there are no official comments from the Ukrainian defense department on this matter.

According to some information, in the near future Russia intends to conduct large-scale military exercises to the west of Crimea, moreover, it is planned to use warships, aviation and coastal missile systems in the maneuvers, and the exercises themselves will be a response to provocations by both the Armed Forces of Ukraine and NATO.

it turns out that the concussion is inherited - not everyone was spared the war

Uncle Vova warned everyone on good terms - first we hit w, then the launchers !!! Where are the headquarters - remember - nothing will be left of Kiev.

If I remember correctly from the news, then Ukraine is in service, or rather, according to the media, there is a pair of launchers of this Neptune. Taking the maximum, we have two launchers, two missiles, + for each loader, add another 6, we have 16 pieces.
"Small-sized, low-flying target", warhead 2, to destroy.