Airline Belavia


Ukraine threatened to land the plane, "Belavia" in Kiev

Ukraine threatened to bring down the Belarusian airliner.

On the eve of the day airliner Boeing 737-800 owned carrier "Belavia", carried out flight from Kiev to Minsk, however, a few minutes before approaching the Belarusian border, the commander of the crew was reported to immediately deploy the aircraft and return to the departure airport. These actions were related to the presence on board of the flight of an Armenian citizen, in this case, in the event of failure of these requirements, received a threat that the interception of aircraft will be sent to the Ukrainian Air Force fighters.

It should be clarified that the aircraft commander was forced to comply with this requirement, landing at the airport in Zhulyany 15 55 hours, minutes, and, the case has caused outrage among the public.