Ukraine mining


Ukrainian saboteurs mined the border with Crimea

Ukrainian saboteurs have set minefields on the border with Crimea.

The continuing growing tension on the border with Crimea resulted in the fact that a group of Ukrainian military mined the areas bordering the peninsula. It is known that minefields were deployed almost on the border itself, while it is also known about the deployment of field artillery in the direction of the Crimea.

"Servicemen of the Ukrainian military-sapper units, who are on combat duty on the border with Crimea along the coast of the Azov and Black Seas, with the support of artillery and army aviation, conducted trainings on the arrangement of mine-explosive obstacles," Telegram reports - the Earlier than All community ...

At the moment, there are no official comments from the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on this score, however, the Ukrainian side is creating very serious tension, including through the gathering of tactical missile weapons and large armored units into this area.

At the moment, there are suggestions that Ukraine is mining the border with Crimea, fearing the likely introduction of Russian peacekeeping forces into Donbass.

Well, they did the right thing, less covid ones will come to Crimea in the summer.

Do they have mines from the 1st World War or the 2nd?

aFtor, Sabotage - destructive actions behind enemy lines. Any state making minefields on its territory organizes protection. I am not defending the actions of Ukraine, I mean any state. Minami has not yet been able to carry out an attack - the course of CWP and logic. Although a modern blogger cannot master this.

And do Ukrainian saboteurs accidentally mine Kiev?

Those. they put mines on their territory? Then what does the "Ukrainian saboteurs" have to do with it !? The author is not.

Again they will be blown up on their own mines ...

The second series of construction of the "Great Ukrainian Wall"? And if the landing from the plane? Shit !!! Clear!!! Now they will rush to mine the GDP at their airports ...