Ukrainian media: a Russian plane violated the airspace of Ukraine

Ukraine announced the "invasion" of a Russian passenger airliner.

Ukrainian journalists reported that the plane of the Russian air carrier violated airspace over the eastern part of Ukraine, flying both over the self-proclaimed people's republics and over the part of Donbass controlled by the Ukrainian military.

“The Russians are again in the Ukrainian sky. Today, a Russian passenger plane flew from Anapa and headed to St. Petersburg over the Donbass - both occupied and unoccupied. This could not have been done without the permission of the relevant official structures of Ukraine. It seems to them that the war for the sovereignty of this country has ended ”- The media report.

Judging by the data presented, we are talking about a Ural Airlines domestic airline that was flying from Anapa to St. Petersburg, however, despite providing such “reliable” data, analysts doubted that such a situation really took place

“Pay attention to the route of the Russian aircraft. For some unknown reason, the plane made two turns in the sky, and instead of flying directly to St. Petersburg, decided to make an additional hook. This is the first. Secondly, the speed is very embarrassing - 343 knots are too small for a passenger airliner ”, Emphasizes the analyst.

At the moment, it is assumed that the fault was the malfunction of the airspace monitoring service or the malfunction of the aircraft transponder, all the more so that a little earlier powerful radio-electronic suppression was noticed over the territory of Ukraine, as already reported.

In Soviet times, passenger airplanes had a hidden video camera for the needs of special services and the military, and I won’t be surprised that to this day there is such a thing on airplanes of both the Russian Federation and Western countries, it's just collecting information