Ukrainian military showed a fight with BMPT T-15 "Terminator"

The Ukrainian military for the first time showed a battle with the BMPT T-15 "Terminator".

The T-15 Terminator combat vehicles that recently appeared in Ukraine were involved in the battle in eastern Ukraine. The relevant information was provided by the Ukrainian military, confirming this fact with photographs taken.

On the presented pictures you can see at least two BMPT T-15 "Terminator", which cover the tanks, firing at the positions of the Ukrainian military from the occupied height. To date, this is the first evidence of the use of BMPT T-15 "Terminator" and, although no details are given on this subject, apparently, the latter have proven themselves quite well. However, experts note that given the fact that the photographs were taken from a fairly close distance, there is a threat to these latest combat vehicles.

Earlier there was information that a T-15 Terminator platoon was involved in a special military operation, however, later there was information that in reality, we could talk about sending 10 BMPT T-15 Terminator to Ukraine. Moreover, apparently, the latter are working in tandem not only with T-90 tanks, as reported, but also independently, as part of other units.