Ukrainian troops entered the village of Torskoe

The Ukrainian military advanced 10 kilometers east of Liman.

After Ukrainian troops were able to occupy the settlement of Liman the day before and were seen in the settlement of Zarechnoye, it became known that Ukrainian troops also entered the territory of the settlement of Torskoe. Over the past day, the Ukrainian military managed to advance 10 kilometers east of Liman, and at the moment the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are located only 15 kilometers from Kremennaya.

At the moment, it is known that Ukrainian troops completely occupied the village of Torskoe. However, it is still not known for certain whether the Armed Forces of Ukraine were able to gain a foothold on the ground, since one of the bridges across the Zherebets River was destroyed, as evidenced by the corresponding video footage published by the Ukrainian troops, in connection with which, on the territory of the settlement. Torskoe may be missing military equipment of the Ukrainian military.

With a high degree of probability, Ukrainian troops will try to gain a foothold on this bank of the Zherebets River, since today there is a fairly high probability that the allied forces will switch to counter-offensive actions.

On the eve of the day, Ukrainian troops also shelled the settlement of Kremennaya. This creates the risk that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will try to advance in this direction, however, at the moment, a good defense has been built in Kremennaya. This indicates the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are unlikely to attempt to storm Kremennaya.


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