Aeroflot Airline


In 2017 year "Aeroflot" 40 purchase of new aircraft

"Aeroflot" airline plans to expand its fleet.

According to information received by the information agency, in 2017, the domestic airline "Aeroflot" plans to increase its fleet of aircraft by another aircraft 40. More specific information on the matter so far not been presented, however, experts believe that we are talking increasingly about buying aircraft Sukhoi SuperJet 100.

It should be clarified that in 2016, the park "Aeroflot" Russian Airlines totaled 291 aircraft, while, at the end of last year, he added more 33 aircraft.

Experts do not exclude that the increase in the fleet will give the airline "Aeroflot" advantage in the conduct of its activities.

Do not buy, and increase the fleet 40 units will be purchased with 59 19 withdraw.