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An American submarine entered the Black Sea bypassing the Montreux Convention?

An American submarine could enter the Black Sea unnoticed and position itself in Russian territorial waters.

A few hours ago, the editors of the information and news publication found information about a rather strange rise into the air of a Russian Il-20 electronic reconnaissance aircraft, which flew along a rather unusual route in the eastern part of the Black Sea. Against this background, there were suggestions that a certain submarine could be in this area, which could very likely enter the waters of the Black Sea and even be located in the territorial waters of Russia. In addition, it was also suggested that it could be about the deployment of electronic tracking equipment near the Russian borders, since Russian anti-submarine aircraft were not seen in the sky.

The web draws attention to the fact that the flight was quite extraordinary, however, its circumstances are not announced.

"An interesting and very unusual flight was made today along the Black Sea coast by an Il-20 electronic reconnaissance aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces from the Akhtubinsk airfield (now the board is already returning)," the Operative Line Telegram channel reports.

Experts draw attention to the fact that recently the number of NATO provocations near the Russian borders has recently increased very seriously, however, the Russian military is in complete control of the situation.

Are you familiar with a metal detector? Well this is much more powerful and smarter.

And what, aren't the approaches to the territorial waters of Russia mined?

What is the connection between the submarine and the Il-20?

A submarine in the steppes of Ukraine is conducting air battles ...

Loaded with sand

The Americans have no nuclear submarine, but the submarine can be Israeli or Turkish. Although it looks more and more like another fake.

What kind of reaction do you need ??? This is not commented on due to military secrets.

Toto, I see the sea comes out of the banks.

Are we out of the hinterland? She came on the sly, so no one saw her and we don't know anything.

our submarines have long been standing near America, no cho, there is no such thing if America wants the globe to split in half because of World War 3, they want it themselves

We could have transported it at the dock, there are no problems with that.

Take a good sleeping pill to dream about it. As an option - fall into a coma, where also something fantastic happens.

Lapot, boats were transported along rivers and canals to the Black Sea, since the times of the USSR they did this.

The war has come, the moderators are deleting comments do not allow to reveal the topic

This city is the largest (422 people (331) in its state, not the United States.

Our Varshavyanka walk in this puddle!

From the very morning, Omsk people hear a rumble in the sky. Military helicopters fly over the city. Residents report seeing at least 8 cars. Social media is inundated with photos and videos of helicopters. Some residents were seriously frightened by the technology in the sky over Omsk. Siberians are wondering what is the reason for such activity of the military and what happened.

They are also probably looking for a US nuclear submarine.

To date / 20 April / there is no American submarine in the waters of the Black Sea ... "fake"

Unequal aerial combat

If this is true, then Russia has a great chance to practice bombing.

I forgot to report to you.

It is impossible to pass the straits of the Bosphorus and Dardanelles underwater. This means that many eyes will see the submarine on the surface and inform ours. The Greeks will be the first to squeal, they have serious problems with the Turks.

Our 6 submarines reached Sevastopol from St. Petersburg .....
Nobody noticed.

Where are they going to swim in this puddle? During World War II, only small German submarines of the II series were present ...

She drowned ....

In the Black Sea, there are not a few underwater mines left by the Germans during the Second World War.

If not registered, then it is not in the Black Sea. Let it be so - it seems to have come in and did not come out.

vova so what? where is the reaction ??

Why 12 megatons? The Tsar bomb dropped from the TU-95 over Novaya Zemlya was weakened to 50 megatons according to the project and produced 58,6 megatons during testing. The full power of 100 megatons, they were simply afraid to test it.

Bullshit. There, in principle, one cannot pass through the straits unnoticed. All the more so when submerged. As a person who has something to do with the Navy, I declare this to you. I am familiar with the rules and conditions of passage through the straits in practice.
And no one excludes provocations from the territory of Georgia.

An American submarine in the steppes of Ukraine died in an unequal battle))))

I doubt it passed unnoticed, the minimum depth of the straits is 33m

To pass unnoticed submarine Bosphorus, the captain must be super ass: 30 km, 0,7 km narrow. Who the divers understand what I mean.

very sad but it all reminds of 1941.

"An American submarine could enter the Black Sea unnoticed ..." only with the permission of Osman Chief.
Responsible for tourists from the Russian Federation? :)

The word may or may not be the problem. So in the area of ​​Minneapolis, the largest city in the United States, there may also be a couple of Poseidons, rising along the Mississippi River, with a mutual thermonuclear explosion of 12 Megatons.