An unknown fighter plane crashed in the Kharkiv region

In the Kharkov region, right in the middle of the field, an unknown fighter crashed.

An unknown combat aircraft fell on the territory of the Kharkov region. The wreckage of the latter was discovered by local residents. Moreover, judging by the flattened agricultural land, the combat aircraft crashed relatively recently.

On the presented video frames you can see the crash site of a combat aircraft. Judging by only partially surviving fragments of the fuselage, we are talking about a fighter, however, the fuselage of a combat aircraft, severely damaged and literally melted by fire, does not allow us to accurately identify a specific type of fighter.

Experts pay attention to the location of the wreckage of the crashed aircraft and put forward a version that the fighter crew tried to land the aircraft on the ground - the latter could either be hit or fall purely due to technical reasons. However, apparently, the plane failed to successfully make an emergency landing - after it, the plane was literally on fire and almost completely burned out.

In favor of the fact that the plane crashed itself is the absence of any traces of anti-aircraft missiles on its fuselage, which most likely indicates that the crew could successfully eject.