Russian Su-30MKI criticized in India - they are not suitable for military operations

Russian Su-30MKI fighters were unsuitable for full-fledged military operations.

India once again subjected Russian combat aircraft to strong criticism, noting that despite their relatively low cost, these fighters cannot be used for full participation in hostilities, and are more likely to be “showcases”.

In India, they motivate their arguments with the fact that the flight range of Russian Su-30MKI fighters is only 400-550 kilometers, while for acquired French Rafale fighters this figure is 750-1000 kilometers. Moreover, The Economic Times emphasizes that Russian fighters can only fly three sorties a day, while the French Rafale can fly up to 5 daily sorties without special maintenance.

So far, no official comments have been received from Russian representatives on this subject, but experts believe that in the near future, India will also refuse to acquire Russian MiG-35