In Iran, protesters burn militia bases and attack the Iranian army

Due to the refusal of the Iranian authorities to comply with the demands of the protesters, the radicals began to burn government buildings and militia bases.

After the protesters gave the Iranian authorities a week to comply with the demands (and the authorities of the Islamic Republic refused to fulfill them), radical protests in Iran broke out with renewed vigor. The night before, Iranian protesters not only demanded the resignation of the authorities, but also began burning government buildings, throwing Molotov cocktails at Basij militia bases and openly attacking the Iranian army.

The situation in Iran is currently very far from being stable. This may well result in a coup d'état, as there are also cases of protests among certain groups of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

It is known that over the past 200 hours alone, more than XNUMX thousand people took part in protests throughout Iran, while in the coming days the number of radical protesters may increase due to the unwillingness of the authorities to negotiate with the protesters.

An even greater wave of protests was caused by the execution of previously detained protesters. Now this could lead to even greater protests in the territory of the Islamic Republic.


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