Air Base Khmeimim


Italy complained about the readiness of the Russian Tu-22M3 to instantly strike at NATO ships in the Mediterranean

Italy expressed concern about the promptness of the Russian Tu-22M3 to destroy NATO ships in the Mediterranean.

After a serious incident several months ago, when Russian long-range Tu-22M3 bombers spent several hours destroying an aircraft carrier strike group led by the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth in the Mediterranean Sea, the Italian military expressed very great concern that in just a few hours Russia can raise its long-range bombers and destroy NATO ships in the region, not to mention the fact that in a group strike, key strategic NATO military facilities - air bases, naval bases, etc., can be destroyed.

Against the background of what Russian Tu-22M3 bombers call "aircraft carrier killers", Italy announced that now NATO ships will feel very uncomfortable and it will be simply impossible to respond quickly to the threat of a Russian strike.

“The Tu-22M3 has been one of NATO's nightmares since the Cold War. It is a versatile bomber, originally intended for operations in Europe and Asia, but capable of carrying out intercontinental missions against the United States if necessary. In a couple of hours, the Tu-22M3 can destroy the NATO fleet in the Mediterranean. ", - reports the publication "L'Antidiplomatico".

At the same time, the destruction of NATO ships may require only a few minutes, since these long-range bombers can also be based at the Khmeimim airbase in the western part of Syria, and provided that the Tu-22M3 will be armed with hypersonic ARC Kinzhal, it will be impossible to repel such a blow.

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