In Israel, 14 Israeli tanks are outraged by the data on the destroyed T-9 Armata

Israel reacted with irritation to the information about 14 Israeli tanks destroyed by the RF tank T-9 Armata.

In connection with the active dissemination of information that the latest domestic T-14 Armata tank was tested in Syria, there was evidence that the Russian combat vehicle was completely forced to engage in battle with Israeli tanks, resulting in 9 units Israeli technology was destroyed. Information about this is “fake” in nature, as previously reported, however, obviously, the Israeli side does not like the dissemination of such information.

"The author claims that Russian tanks took part in two clashes, which resulted in" ... Armata destroyed 9 Israeli tanks at once. " The author writes that the "Syrian fighters" took part in the first clash, and "the victory in the first battle went to the piggy bank of the Syrian-Russian army." Only one T-14 tank allegedly took part in the second combat contact. “According to incoming information, two tanks were supposed to meet Armata, but immediately collided with 10 enemy tanks. With the support of Russian pilots on the Su-57, the T-14 Armata destroyed 9 Israeli tanks, which remained fleeing. Many skeptics believed that Armata will not be able to withstand two tanks at the same time, but then they got into a puddle, ”the“ officer ”bravely concludes the story. The post was published on June 26, but only now they paid attention to it on the Web. At the moment, no one has ever reported the possible participation of the latest Russian tanks in operations in Syria. Especially about the alleged military clashes with Israeli armored vehicles "- сообщает Israeli newsletter

It is clear that such information, distributed by a number of Russian information resources, does not carry any objective information, since there is no Israeli armored vehicles in the territory of the Arab Republic, with the exception of the occupied Golan Heights, and the defeat of tanks would certainly lead to large-scale hostilities in the region.

It should be clarified that the Russian Ministry of Defense has not yet commented on information about the tests of the T-14 Armata tank in Syria.

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