In Kazakhstan, the Russians were forced to remove the "Z" from the glass of the car

In Kazakhstan, Russian citizens were forced to remove the letter "Z" from the car.

Against the backdrop of how Kazakhstan announced that they did not support the conduct of a special military operation by the Russian side in Ukraine, the residents of Kazakhstan became angry at Russian citizens who publicly demonstrate their support for the Russian military. One of these cases was publicly available online, where Russian citizens were publicly required to remove the letter “Z” from the rear window of a car with Russian license plates.

In video footage circulated by residents of Kazakhstan, a group of people can be seen surrounding a car with Russian license plates. The driver was required to immediately remove the symbol in the form of the letter “Z”, which, after the start of the NWO, is symbolized with the Russian army and its support, threatening to take certain measures otherwise.

“Remove the letter Z. This is Kazakhstan, not Russia!”- said one of the participants in the conflict.

The authorities of Kazakhstan have not yet explained what caused such behavior, however, the situation may well develop into a political conflict, since we are actually talking about discrediting Russian citizens.


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