The arrival of the Russian PMC "Wagner" is solemnly celebrated in Mali

The arrival of the Russian PMC Wagner is celebrated in Mali.

After the Mali authorities officially turned to the Russian PMC "Wagner" for assistance in the country in the fight against terrorists and illegal armed groups, local residents and politicians began to solemnly celebrate the imminent arrival of the Russian military. The corresponding video footage was published by the agency "AfricaNews" and, apparently, in the future Mali intends to actively cooperate with Russia in the fight against terrorists.

From the video footage presented, one can understand the reason why the Malian authorities turned to a Russian private military company. The reason for choosing Wagner PMC was the successful liberation of Syria and the Central African Republic from terrorists and, judging by the enthusiastic exclamations of local residents, Mali will also be liberated from the militants in the near future.

“Wagner went and liberated Syria. Wagner went and liberated the Central African Republic. Now Wagner is heading to Mali! We had to make a choice and our choice is Wagner! "- says one of the citizens of Mali in the video footage of "AfricaNews".

In addition to the fact that Mali is confident that the country will be freed from terrorists, local residents are also happy about the imminent withdrawal of the African state and the European military from the territory of the African state.

“Europe can do nothing but flex its muscles. A thousand Russian mercenaries will do more for our country than anyone else ", - say the locals.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced that the Mali authorities had turned to a private military company, and therefore any threats from the West against Russia are unacceptable.

Don't be ridiculous ... Nobody in Russia will plant them ... Where did they get their equipment? Although, they were not officially legalized, but the Russian Ministry of Defense supplies them with everything necessary ...

"Judging by the exclamations of local residents, Mali will soon be liberated." So this is what was missing for liberation! The exclamations of local residents. Well, they did not want to exclaim for the sake of the European military. And now everything, the mechanism is running. Thank God!

According to which only those who are fighting against the interests of Russia are imprisoned

It's funny that the Russian Federation has not yet bothered to legalize PMCs. According to the law of the Russian Federation (if the laws are of any interest to anyone here), there is so far only Article 359 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation for mercenarism, with good terms.