Heavy fighting is going on in Marinka, the city is almost completely destroyed

The drone filmed a video of heavy fighting on the territory of Marinka.

Despite the fact that the fighting for Marinka has been going on for several months, Ukrainian troops firmly hold this city under their control, at least partially. Nevertheless, the city turned out to be almost completely reduced to ruins - there are practically no surviving houses and buildings left on its territory, and the density of strikes here is one of the highest.

On the video footage, you can see that there is absolutely nothing left of residential buildings and buildings in Marinka, even buildings that have actually been turned into ruins continue to level with the ground with military equipment and artillery strikes, because due to the complexity of the battles, fortifications are organized even in ruins. In addition to artillery strikes, one can see that the city is being attacked with incendiary ammunition, since today this is the most effective way to destroy defense lines, which, however, are again occupied by the enemy after a while.

The situation in Marinka remains extremely difficult, as the fighting has moved to very close range, and given the large number of mines laid, including with the use of remote mining systems, a sharp advance here is not possible.


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